Safety Strip

Be-Ge Lackering AB perform a Safety Strip to your windshield this helps to keep you windshield clean from dirt and traffic film. It will also prevent less scratches on your windshield.

What is the Safety Strip

The Safety Strip is a 0.3 mm deep grooves in your windshield that makes it kept clean from dirt and traffic film. In addition, sanded the edges of the wiper blades every time they cross the ridge, which extends the life of the wiper blades often and less windshield scratches.

  • Fast and Easy

    We arrange your Safety Strip quickly and easily while you are waiting

  • Only 600 kr

    incl. VAT and waranty. If you need to replace the windshield, show us your Warranty Certificate and we grind out a new Safety Strip for no extra cost. (The guarantee statement follows the car).

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