Industrial Painting

Be-Ge Lackering AB perform Industrial painting in a separate facility on Väderumsvägen 9. Here we have, two different spray booths for different types of work.

The smaller vehicle booth

Be-Ge Lackering AB uses the smaller vehicle booth for the work of smaller objects and features the latest technology in terms of data, control of the whole painting and drying process, to ensure the highest quality.

Painting of details

The main part of the production currently consists of industrial painting of details for Scania truck cabs. Equipment and expertise available for the reception of orders via EDI, which among other things includes forecasting, choice of colors, daily deliveries and invoicing. While supplies under DELIT-system, i.e. Just in time delivery, can be performed.

The company is certified according to SS-EN- ISO 9001:2015 the MRF VU,
which means that the quality of work is measured against set targets. Click here to see our certificate.

The larger truck booth

In the larger “truck booth” we have the capacity to paint trucks,
buses and boats, but the booth is mainly used for the painting of industrial components. The colors being used are of the waterborne basecoat and usually the customer’s specifications.