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Be-Ge Lackering AB

With great expertise and vast experience we paint everything from kitchen cabinets to buses and boats.


Private cars and vans

Automotive painting

Be-Ge lackering AB can help you with everyting from lacquer varnish to repairing most types of plastic detalils. We are authorized to perform all kinds of accident and warranty claims on private cars and vans. All materials used are environmetally friendly water-based and two-component coatings.


Both larger and smaller series

Industrial Painting

Be-Ge lackering AB performs industrial painting on separate premises with capacity for wet coating of all types of industrial components, here we also paint trucks, buses and boats.
Industrial painting is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


Separate painting facility with high capacity

Large objects

Size does not matter. Be-Ge Lackering AB has premises with capacity to paint obects as large as trucks, buses and yachts.


Furniture and fixtures

Furniture and Fixtures

Be-Ge Lackering AB, with its vast experience in painting, paints every thing from cabineet doors and funiture to caravans and large boats.


Be-Ge Lackering AB - Part of

The Be-Ge group

Be-Ge is a family owned company group with production facilities in Sweden, Denmark, U.K, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The company group comprises Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component division and Be-Ge Vehicle division.



Broad knowledge in Painting
The automotive painting is carried out at Inkörningsvägen 3 where also rust protections, plastic repairs, lacquer varnish and grinding of the Safety Strip is performed. The paint used is water dilatable base coating and two-component HS coating. Läs mer...


Industrial Painting


To ensure the highest quality!
The industrial painting takes place in separate buildings. The main part of the production is painting details for Scania trucks.The production unit is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.  Read more


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