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Be-Ge Lackering AB
Be-Ge Lackering AB has industrial painting and automotive painting. Our industrial painting consists of painting of details for scanias truck cabs but also the painting of buses, boats and trucks. The automotive painting is conducted in a separate facility where plastics repair is also performed.
We perform Industrial Painting
Be-Ge Lackering AB performs in a separate facility on Väderumsvägen 9 which takes on our industrial paintings. Most of the production consists of the painting of details for Scania truck cabs. We also perform painting for boats, buses, trucks and other industrial components.
We perform Automotive Painting
Be-Ge Lackering AB perform Automotive painting which is conducted in a facility on Inkörningsvägen 3, where even plastic repair can be made. The paint used is water dilatable base coating and two-component HS coating.
Capacity for buses, boats and trucks
Be-Ge Lackering AB industrial painting has a larger box called "the truckbooth" where there is capacity to paint trucks, buses and boats, but are mainly used for the painting of industrial components. The colors used are of the waterborne basecoat and usually according to the customer's specifications.
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the Be-Ge Group
The Be-Ge Group is a family-owned group of companies with operations in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Germany. The Group comprises of several business areas such as Be-Ge Seating division, Be-Ge Component Division and Be-Ge Vehicle Division.
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Long experience of painting

Located in Oskarshamn, the company's operation is divided into two sections, automotive painting and industrial painting. Be-Ge Lackering AB has long experience and continuous contucts training of employees that provides high quality of work and leads to satisfied customers.

Industrial Painting

Be-Ge Lackering AB operates in Industrial painting, which is conducted in a plant at Väderumsvägen 9. Here is where we operate detail material and also large objects like boats and trucks.

Automotive Painting

Be-Ge Lackering AB also operates in automotive painting, which is conducted in a plant at Inkörningsvägen 3. Here is car painting, but also plastic repairs performed.

Both of our plants are located in Oskarshamn, Kalmar county.
Regarding questions or booking of painting, please contact us for more information.

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