Be-Ge Lackering AB works purposefully and long term towards environmental work that aims to reduce environmental impact by minimizing emissons etc. A sustainable approach regarding the environment and the work environment is also implemented in the company’s operations.

Minimizing of waste

The Automotive Painting has invested in the paint mixing machine Moonwalk. Its mixing technic is both time efficient and enhances the quality. During the mixing process, the paint reaches optimal temperature and has an ultra-precision of the vehicle’s color code. The design of the paint cans results in minimal spillage which allows us to use the entire can and work from a sustainable perspective.
In order to further reduce our impact on the environment, the Automotive Painting uses a technic where the plastic details are being repaired and restored to there original condition. By using and repairing the plastic parts that are possible to restore, we minimize our waste of materials.   

Färgblandningsmaskin Moonwalk
De färger som används är av typen vattenspädbar baslack och vanligen enligt kundens specifikation.
Be-Ge Lackering AB. Industrilackering Oskarshamn Kalmar län

Energy efficient heat recycling

The Industrial painting has an advanced ventilation system installed which provides the facility with heat in a sustainable way. The basement is heated with excess heat from the air pressure compressors, meanwhile the remaining rooms are heated with recycled heat from the drying ovens. If the recycled heat would not be sufficient in the facility, additional heat is provided by the district heating system.

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