About Be-Ge Lackering AB

Be-Ge Lackering AB in Oskarshamn has been a part of Be-Ge since the start. Year 2002 Be-Ge Lakering got divided into two sections one automotive painting and industrial painting. Today the company’s business consists of automotive and industrial painting, coating of insurance claims, as well as plastic and corrosion protection of vehicles and has 16 employees.

Automotive painting

The Automotive painting is conducted in a facility on Inkörningsvägen 3, where even corrosion treatments, plastic repair, lacquer seals and grinding in the Safety Strip of the windshields are made. The colors used are waterborne basecoat and two-component HS varnish.

Industrial painting

In a separate facility on Väderumsvägen 9 we perform our Industrial Painting. Most of the production consists of the Painting of details for Scania truck cabs. But we also perform painting for boats, buses, trucks and other industrial components.

Both of our plants are located in Oskarshamn. For questions or
booking painting contact us for more information.

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If you are intrested in our Automotive painting or Industrial Painting or
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